Memories Of Tavira

I wonder what will happen to all of our memories in another hundred years. Will people be rooting around boot sales (yard sales for those with no cars), looking in boxes at old SD cards and USB flash memory sticks and thinking “I wonder what’s on this?”. Will there even be any interest after much that we have now is gone? In fifty years time the ice that caps the North Pole could all be melted. I’m trying to track my memories. Lay them down before I forget it all. Will I end my days thinking that I remember but have only this to look back on and not the original experience?

Recently I visited Tavira, Portugal, and discovered that many properties along the river already flood regularly. Some have obvious signs of defense against the raging torrent that will come again, whether from the seas or the mountains, but most do not. Will they still be here in another hundred years, or even fifty? Here’s some of my photos and what they might look like in the 22nd century if I ever print off “hard copy”.

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