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Been finding it difficult to sit down and continue with this blog, so I’m going to cheat and list over the next few days some of the pics that have been “Favorited” over on Flickr. Today’s is from a year ago exactly when I was still learning what was possible with my Samsung Galaxy Note.

The date: 17 February 2012
Location: Outside the old Rex cinema, Ventnor, Isle of Wight


An Evening Of Sunshine During A Month Of Rain


An unexpected yet very welcome evening after what seems like months of unyielding rain. I believe it was sunny for four days in June (and May and April)!

This is the view from the landward end of Ryde Pier on the Isle Of Wight, looking towards Southampton, England. Photo taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note on Thursday 5th July 2012.

Exposure Time: 1/300 F Number: f/2.6 ISO Speed Rating 32

p.s. This photo is straight out of my phone with no editing!

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