A lot of the Blogs that I come across tend to be inward looking and all about the writer and without much reference to other people but today it’s all about somebody else.

In little under a week I shall be visiting a very dear friend that I first met thirty years ago. Rachel was with Gerry and I was living with his brother, Graham. Neither relationship was very long lived, just a few years (a little under three for my dalliance). Looking back with great fondness on those times I guess Rachel was the little sister I never had and I the elder ‘gay’ brother that she never had (her biological brother, Karl, is straight). We were often at each others homes and going out and getting drunk together, talking about art, boys, fashion and music and all the other stuff that interests you when you’re young. We both moved away from our home towns. Rachel from Lowestoft, famed for being the most easterly point on the English mainland and I from Norwich, famed for…well, actually I’m not sure, Colman’s mustard I guess. Rachel went to London Central St. Martins College and the Royal College of Art via Japan and Germany. I ended up in Brighton stuck at American Express as a very pressurised financial analyst and feeling rather miserable.
So fast forward to now and Rachel is in Portugal and doing a doctorate at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto while I’m still in dear old Blighty but looking forward to seeing her later this week at her home and printers studio in Olhão. Surrounded no doubt by sardines and sailors! Her specialisation is in Gyotaku printmaking with mainly marine life and has been exhibited internationally  many times. Click on her art below for more info:

I will be looking for typical Portuguese architecture, graffiti and anything that takes my fancy. There will no doubt be endless opportunities all along the Ria Formosa and the surrounding towns and villages so check back during the middle of March to see if I found anything to share.

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