The Boring Bit

I find the simplest things charming. Natural kindness a blessing for all and see beauty where others do not.
I have always been interested in architecture from a very early age, building sand castles on the beach at Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, UK. My interest in photography came later and was then put on hold while I discovered punk, fashion and Vivien Westwood. Even with one of her pirate sash-shawls around my head everyone knew it was me underneath! I had always customized second hand clothes or worn old things in a new way. That was the late 70’s and early 80’s when charity shops still smelled of moth balls and wee but were full of stuff worth having.
When I couldn’t find it I made it, for myself and for my friends. I even went so far as unpicking a pair of Vivien Westwood pirate trousers just so that I could copy the pattern and make my own for a fraction of the price! Her tops and pirate shirts of the same period were much simpler and easier to copy as they were based on very basic period clothing.
eramics and glass of the 20th century came later although even as a child my first foray into vintage was finding a Barbola mirror in an abandoned house and selling it to a local dealer. Although I had to visit a second time with my Gran to prove the mirror was mine. My collections are many including, but not limited to, ceramics by Charlotte Rhead, Denby, Poole Pottery, Royal Copenhagen Faience and Saunders Isle of Wight Pottery. Glass by Powell/Whitefriars and early Mdina. Although I embrace mass production as an affordable panacea for the majority I am always drawn more towards hand crafted items.

Through this blog I hope to share some of the things I have discovered or that interest me.


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