Olhão – O Primeiro Dia

Do I come here to listen to Fado? No.
Do I like Teresa Salguiero? Yes.
Do I come here to fish? No.
Do I come here to eat fish? Yes.
Do I eat fish today? Not yet.

I do not have the skill for writing and photographing a travel blog yet. I was too excited at meeting my dear friend Rachel to take photos at the airport taxi rank. We chatted all the way in the taxi to her apartment. Rachel felt cold and I was wilting, unaccustomed as I am to temperatures of 20°C in March!
The trip seemed very brief, then up the elevator, kettle boiled, coffee in the cafetière and five minutes later I was presented with two Portuguese custard tarts. Sorry no photo’s but they really are my favourites so they just didn’t last long enough to record for posterity!
Then out to explore but as many of you will know it’s difficult taking shots when you’re with an old friend. So the first day is rather mean with the photo’s. We went for a tosta mista (toasted ham and cheese sandwich) and coffee and got stuck as the storm that had been threatening finally arrived. Provided nice dark clouds though and here they are.

p.s. click pic for bigger version (new tab/window depending on device).

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